Posted by: Olly | June 21, 2006

Revisiting the war

As you may have seen from my previous posts – that is to say my two other posts – I am currently resting in the wonderful city of Manchester. It’s safe to say that, in my own opinion, the Travelodge in Sport City, while implying the promise of stadiums and sport prowess, is actually a smoke filled, fawlty towers’esque brothel*.
This isn’t however the most frustrating thing about my stay. While I have been travelling the streets of Manch, visiting the offices of my northern collegues, I have noticed that Manchester has a serious lack of street signs.

Those of you from the United States may not realise, but during the second world war, vast regions of the UK had their street signs removed. The reason for this was so that visiting (sic) german soldiers would find it prohibitively hard to find their way around. By the end of the war relatively few Germans had set foot on the British isles, but the idiology remained for several decades, and street signs were missing from the streets of the UK. In recent decades, however, there has been an explosion of street signs, from parking restrictions, to needless chequered regions, and numerous signs that no one understands.

Manchester, it would seem, has yet to be reminded of the date.


*Clearly, it’s not a brothel, and I have no proof whatsoever that it’s used as one. Just wanted to clear that up ;)


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