Posted by: Olly | January 7, 2007

Welcome to me

I thought I would do a shamless plug for me. Apparently one of the current wafts of advice zipping around the ether for web designers is to never advertise yourself, but rather to ‘big up’ other people, products and services, in order to get them to give you freebies, sponsership, links and what not. Well, bollocks to that. I figure if I am going to publish and be damned, then I may as well get something out of it :)

Anyway, so, I run an online backup company on the south coast of England, which provides businesses of all sizes with managed, secure, backup services. We also offer server management services, looking after and securing web servers and the like as well as varies kinds of information consultancy.

Online backup is actually…perhaps sadly…a bit of an interest of mine. In my job I deal with all kinds of people, as do those that I work with, and a surprising amount of companies, of all sizes, are so very uninterested in doing backups as to make stocks drop across the country if the word got out. Disaster management seems to be limited to making sure that they have contents insurance. From as little as £15 a month we can take over all the responsibilties of the backup process and they don’t have to take home any backup tapes. On top of that, they get to have their backups stored at three locations (currently, more to come), so even if our office blew up, their information is still lovely and snug somewhere safe.

Nifty..heh ?



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