Posted by: Olly | January 25, 2007

Worry not, I’ve saved the environment.

Yes Folk,

You can continue to dispose of your plastic and your paper in normal kitchen bin. Go crazy burning those old car tyres. Greenpeace, you can sell those old fishing boats and put your feet up in front of a nice imported, gas powered, faux fireplace. The environment is safe !

As you can see, my solution is finished, the wrapping is off. My two stage, once-was-summer-house, composter is finished. It features a flip top lid on a hinge, for easy access, and two compartments (vital for getting good compost). Version 1.1 will include three compartments, and the roadmap for v2 shows a removable front panel for complete ‘mulch isolation’.






  1. hahaha, brilliant :)

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