Posted by: Olly | January 31, 2007

Hooray Hooray…it’s Vista day

Welcome back.

Well, yesterday was Vista day, and amidst the bongo players and rock bands, the whole thing left me cold. Now, normally I’m a hardcore Windows fanboy. Until recently. My recent love affair with OS X and a 17″ laptop of love (yes, it is size that counts) has left me totally uninterested in Vista all together.

Vista has a few plus points. When XP came out, I, like a lot of people in my corporate IT world, had no intention of really looking at upgrading, and really only started to use it once it came pre-installed. Even then, we occasionally reinstalled machines with older versions of Windows. There was simply very little to attract the layman to XP compared to Windows 2000, except perhaps a shinier interface. Vista has similar issues though this time I think the interface is a worthwhile reason to look at it. It might just be so much eye candy, but it does also, finally, remove the dependance on bitmapped graphics and move more of the graphical business to the GPU rather than the CPU. It also gets rid of the sodding annoying ‘My Computer’, ‘My Documents’ and other ‘My’ prefixes that only served to confuse and irritate users across the globe.

Graphical interface aside, I’m still of the mindset that the whole thing could just be service pack update to XP. Of course, where would the fun be, but the original Vista trumpets heralded a brave new world of SQL based filestores and other much needed and much vaunted major redesigns. What we have (Aero glass interface aside) is really just a series of product updates, security fixes, and a few new tools chucked in.

Don’t think I’m now about to say how the world on the Apple side of the fence is any better. OS X 10.5 is about to launch, and while I’m gagging to get hold of some of the features, for the most part there seems to be very little about the upcoming release that would deserve the label of ‘new OS’. The only note worthy thing about 10.5 is that I haven’t had to wait 5 years for it to arrive !



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