Posted by: Olly | December 30, 2007

Post apocalyptic nuclear giant mutant rats

If you can guess my current book choice from the title, then 10 karma points go straight to you.

I’m having a retro book reading session at the moment thanks to an excess of time and a flock of new books at the local charity Rotary Club book van that visits our little village at weekends.

My choice at the moment is James Herberts ‘Domain’; A gripping read about the survival of a sudden nuclear attack on the UK and the equally sudden appearance of mutant giant rats that emergence from the London Underground. Link here.

It’s 100% 80’s horror nonsense and is absolutely super.

Well, after 9 months of silence, I think 10 lines of text is more than enough for now :)




  1. But did you read The Rats or Lair first?

  2. No. Why ?

  3. Because it’s a trilogy… The Rats, then Lair, then Domain.

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