Posted by: Olly | January 5, 2008

You’re never too old.

There’s been quite a bit on the BBC today about Eric King-Turner and his wife Doris. Eric, who is now 102, has decided to move to New Zealand after fearing his wife may be home sick.

The full story is here.

The best bit, I think, is during the interview with Eric and his wife (you can see the video on the article page) he tells about how, at his age, you can’t really expect to wake up each morning, and that as a result you should live each day however you want. While he tells this to the camera you can see his wife chuckling in the background. Just lovely. I’m a total softy for a heart warming stories, and there’s nothing better than knowing that, even at your full four-score-years-and-ten you can still go and see the world.

Now, if I could just find the time for a holiday.



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