Posted by: Olly | January 7, 2008

Big brother’s little w*nker

Am I the only one who was watching the new series of Big Brother the other day and heard Dermot say that the turnover of Liam Youngs web design firm was £200,000 ? First, let me explain. The new series of ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother has a new celebrity each day take over the role of Big Brother. They can do what they want, and make the little house bound numpties dance to whatever tune they feel fit. The inmates in question are apparently The-Best-Of-The-Best-azoor00111!!!111; there’s the next big thing in boxing, a very close (maybe toooo close) brother and sister circus combo act who do mental things on skates etc etc) and in there is a chap called Liam Young.

Now, Liam Young is apparently a young business hot shot who setup his first company at the age of 8, employed his first person at the age of 13 and has never looked back.

What got me was that Big Brother said that his turnover was £200,000 a year. Now, apparently he currently employs 12 people. Including himself that’s 13. 200,000 / 13 doesn’t make for much of a salary per person (I should know, I’ve been in the web industry for almost 10 years now).

It would seem that I am not alone in my thoughts about this cheeky chappy and his lying ways (allegedly);

Here are some great links;
(That one is currently down)
( I love the quote “If he had the staff he claimed, surely the company would be continue as normal during his absence in January? Unsurprisingly, at the same time he is giving it the “Big I Am” in the Big Brother house, the company is “expanding its network”, “not accepting new orders” and will “relaunch on the 1/2/08″, around the same time the show finishes and Liam is back home.”)




  1. I’m glad someone blew the lid off of that punk’s story. I hate going to forums and seeing little kids acting like they own a company, but it’s really just them in their bedrooms using Frontpage.

  2. :)

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