Posted by: Olly | February 2, 2008

A pain in the But

Here’s another book review for you, something which I know you have all be dying for.

I’m currently reading Moonseed by Stephen Baxter. I wouldn’t describe myself as a massive Sci-Fi fan when it comes to reading, but I suppose it has been a staple throughout my industrious reading career, previous favourite reads mainly being anything by Greg Bear (check out Eon).

I’ve read a couple of Stephen Baxters novels; the last being Titan. They are always a good read with one foot squarely in the real world of today. There’s very little 3000-years-in-the-future type of thing with most of the ‘action’ (or long discussion and looks at peoples lives) happening right now in a world we clearly all know.

My only real issue with Stephen Baxter, and it’s something scraps like nails down the blackboard of my spine, is the massive use of ‘But’ at the start of a sentance. Anyone who’s done a modicum of English will know that ‘but’ should never be used at the start of the sentence, only in the middle. In every case that features in his books (and this occurs in all the ones I have read), the preceding full stop could (should) be replaced by a comma, semicolon etc.






  1. Dude, Stephen Baxter rocks. His best ones are (imo) the Manifold series: Time, Space, Origin, Phase Space.

    Destiny’s Children series is also great. A Time Odyssey is similarly great.

    If you’re after something a bit meatier, check out Dan Simmons Hyperion. – the best sci fi i’ve ever read.

  2. Best sci-fi ever is Greg Bear with EON or Greg Bear with Anvil of the Stars.


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