Posted by: Olly | March 31, 2008

My new ladies (aka ‘look at my cocks’)

’twas my birthday the other weekend, and under a shroud of secrecy my girlfriend laboured to give me a wicked surprise. Come the morning the curtains where wiped away and I saw the new women in my life, three egg-laying hens :)

Now, to some, this may not seem like a great present, but to me, a man who has to find a new way to un-stress before he goes pop, chickens rock.

So, meet the new women in my life. We are looking for names, so if you can think of anything to name three lovely big-breasted ladies then do comment.





  1. That’s SUCH a good present! Until i moved away from home, i always had chickens, of all sorts of varieties.. Chickens rock. So nice to have freshly laid eggs.

    The best ones I had were white crested black polish bantams. Crazy things.

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