Posted by: Olly | July 20, 2008

The chicken run

It’s been a while since my last post, work and life do sometimes get in the way of other stuff, but I’ve had time to create a larger chicken run for the ladys in the garden. I thought I’d finally get with the twent first century and post a snippet showing their new run to YouTube.

It’s stuck in the corner of the garden, behind the greenhouse, and is roughly about 8 or 10 feet on each side, with a tunnel leading to their old house (also with a home-made extension) where they can sleep and general laze and natter about the weather. Hopefully this will be the first post of several about the ladies, especially as we are planning to get two more in the very near future.

Eggs anyone ?


Posted by: Olly | April 9, 2008

We have eggs !!!

Just as we were starting to think that our chickens were duffers, or were closet cocks, we get an egg !!!! Super.

The lucky lady which dropped the golden (well, light brown) egg was Ethel, our all brown Warren. At around 19 weeks we were expecting something to shoot out any day and, in the middle of being chased by my daughter around the garden, Ethel dashed in to the chicken house and pushed one out. It’s only a small one, but thank god we have working ladies after all.


Posted by: Olly | March 31, 2008

My new ladies (aka ‘look at my cocks’)

’twas my birthday the other weekend, and under a shroud of secrecy my girlfriend laboured to give me a wicked surprise. Come the morning the curtains where wiped away and I saw the new women in my life, three egg-laying hens :)

Now, to some, this may not seem like a great present, but to me, a man who has to find a new way to un-stress before he goes pop, chickens rock.

So, meet the new women in my life. We are looking for names, so if you can think of anything to name three lovely big-breasted ladies then do comment.



Posted by: Olly | March 11, 2008

OOOOppppssss, I fell on a hooker

Now, if you were regularly standing in front of hundreds of thousands of people, probably millions, and campaigning based on ethical and moral reform you would be pretty sure not to drop ya cacks in front of a hooker, let alone be caught by the FBI in a wiretap operaton arranging to meet a high class hooker for extra-marital hanky-and-indeed-spanky….wouldn’t you ?

Oooops I slipped and fell on a hooker (aka check out his wifes face in the pictures)

It’s certainly true what they say about absolute power….and politicians….and also about red skys…oh and sheep and welsh people (the latter one isn’t true, it’s just there for annoyance to the welsh).

Posted by: Olly | February 2, 2008

A pain in the But

Here’s another book review for you, something which I know you have all be dying for.

I’m currently reading Moonseed by Stephen Baxter. I wouldn’t describe myself as a massive Sci-Fi fan when it comes to reading, but I suppose it has been a staple throughout my industrious reading career, previous favourite reads mainly being anything by Greg Bear (check out Eon).

I’ve read a couple of Stephen Baxters novels; the last being Titan. They are always a good read with one foot squarely in the real world of today. There’s very little 3000-years-in-the-future type of thing with most of the ‘action’ (or long discussion and looks at peoples lives) happening right now in a world we clearly all know.

My only real issue with Stephen Baxter, and it’s something scraps like nails down the blackboard of my spine, is the massive use of ‘But’ at the start of a sentance. Anyone who’s done a modicum of English will know that ‘but’ should never be used at the start of the sentence, only in the middle. In every case that features in his books (and this occurs in all the ones I have read), the preceding full stop could (should) be replaced by a comma, semicolon etc.




Posted by: Olly | January 9, 2008

Blink List went down….

I meant to blog this yesterday, but with a big quote to finish and small child to run around after, I forgot.

Blink List lost it’s main database yesterday. From the message that they put up it sounds like it was a biggy.


Now, I will admit to shitting my pants a small bit (just a little). I use Blink List to store all the links to those sites I find on my travels, and loosing them, or any of them, would be a real pisser. I’ve spent about an hour looking at the recent ones and so far everything seems fine however.

Just another pointless post in the blogosphere.


Posted by: Olly | January 7, 2008

Big brother’s little w*nker

Am I the only one who was watching the new series of Big Brother the other day and heard Dermot say that the turnover of Liam Youngs web design firm was £200,000 ? First, let me explain. The new series of ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother has a new celebrity each day take over the role of Big Brother. They can do what they want, and make the little house bound numpties dance to whatever tune they feel fit. The inmates in question are apparently The-Best-Of-The-Best-azoor00111!!!111; there’s the next big thing in boxing, a very close (maybe toooo close) brother and sister circus combo act who do mental things on skates etc etc) and in there is a chap called Liam Young.

Now, Liam Young is apparently a young business hot shot who setup his first company at the age of 8, employed his first person at the age of 13 and has never looked back.

What got me was that Big Brother said that his turnover was £200,000 a year. Now, apparently he currently employs 12 people. Including himself that’s 13. 200,000 / 13 doesn’t make for much of a salary per person (I should know, I’ve been in the web industry for almost 10 years now).

It would seem that I am not alone in my thoughts about this cheeky chappy and his lying ways (allegedly);

Here are some great links;
(That one is currently down)
( I love the quote “If he had the staff he claimed, surely the company would be continue as normal during his absence in January? Unsurprisingly, at the same time he is giving it the “Big I Am” in the Big Brother house, the company is “expanding its network”, “not accepting new orders” and will “relaunch on the 1/2/08″, around the same time the show finishes and Liam is back home.”)


Posted by: Olly | January 5, 2008

You’re never too old.

There’s been quite a bit on the BBC today about Eric King-Turner and his wife Doris. Eric, who is now 102, has decided to move to New Zealand after fearing his wife may be home sick.

The full story is here.

The best bit, I think, is during the interview with Eric and his wife (you can see the video on the article page) he tells about how, at his age, you can’t really expect to wake up each morning, and that as a result you should live each day however you want. While he tells this to the camera you can see his wife chuckling in the background. Just lovely. I’m a total softy for a heart warming stories, and there’s nothing better than knowing that, even at your full four-score-years-and-ten you can still go and see the world.

Now, if I could just find the time for a holiday.


Posted by: Olly | December 30, 2007

Post apocalyptic nuclear giant mutant rats

If you can guess my current book choice from the title, then 10 karma points go straight to you.

I’m having a retro book reading session at the moment thanks to an excess of time and a flock of new books at the local charity Rotary Club book van that visits our little village at weekends.

My choice at the moment is James Herberts ‘Domain’; A gripping read about the survival of a sudden nuclear attack on the UK and the equally sudden appearance of mutant giant rats that emergence from the London Underground. Link here.

It’s 100% 80’s horror nonsense and is absolutely super.

Well, after 9 months of silence, I think 10 lines of text is more than enough for now :)


Good morning happy campers.

While at work nibbling my lunch, I went through my daily RSS feeds and link lead to link and I found this great page. New Scientist always makes for a great read, but this list of 13 things that do not make sense is just blinding.

13 things that do not make sense


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