Posted by: Olly | July 28, 2008

Coil…Cuil…gone down

Cuil, the new wanna-be for Googles thrown has been launched. Despite being setup by ex google monkeys, they haven’t learnt about users, numbers, and the impact of advertising yourself as googles next in line.

Coils gone down....Cuil....Cuil...must say Cuil

Coils gone down....Cuil....Cuil...must say Cuil




  1. It actually means they stand a fighting chance, they made a hype out of their site and couldn’t stand all the traffic they got from it… Let’s buzz on, I love the idea of someone being able to fight Google’s monopoly on search engine industry.

  2. I do hope so. I’m all for Googles downfall and some decent competition would be marvelous.

  3. Mmmm. They couldn’t find my site – or my other site – or my company’s site – or my company’s sub site(s). Looks like a bag of Sh*te to me.

    If you put yourself out there to beat Google, at least make sure you pick up one page from any site out there that is listed in Google/MSN/Yahoo.

    Ignoring sites that are listed elewhere is just plain dumb/ill prepared.

  4. Paul, search on CUIL for g2support. Other than some blinklist results, spot the only company listed :)

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