Posted by: Olly | August 31, 2008

White ears

My chicken, Flo, has white inner ear flap things. She’s had them forever (well around the 6 months of her life so far) and seems fine in herself. Her fellow friends have normal looking ear flappy bits, all red and flappy. Flo though has a flat ear-flap, with a raised outter edge and a white center. The white part almost looks powdery.

What do you think ?

Flo has white ears

Flo has white ears



  1. I heard that the colour of a chicken’s earlobes determines the colour of the eggs they will lay, as it’s controlled by the same gene – does Flo lay white eggs?

  2. Yes, usually it does Rachel, but it is not written in stone. That bird pictured doesn’t look like an Isa Brown, more like a RIR to me. Don’t worry about the white earlobes, it is just pigmentation, and Isa Browns typically have red lobes, and lay brown eggs. :)

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